Promotional Items


Established and well-known on the market for years, the brands MANO, WENGER, and bugatti enjoy a high degree of advertising effectiveness.

Our products therefore recommend themselves as attractive and useful eyecatchers, with which you can leave a good and lasting impression among your business partners, customers and employees.

Would you also like to transport your brand or message in a targeted way? At UNITED BRANDS, your need for promotional labelling is our focus. There are many options for individualising the item you want in-house at UNITED BRANDS. Whether embossing, printing, engraving, doming or stick.

Whichever method you choose depends entirely on your personal taste and the suitability of the product. Give your product a truly individual note and achieve a lasting positive advertising effect!

Are you looking for something special and unusual? – In addition to the diversity of our product portfolio with individual refinement options, we place particular emphasis on our strength in special productions. We can provide your individual item specifically according to your needs and requirements.

Speak to us, we are happy to advise you.

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