The ROADSIGN Brand inspires endless brand extensions into an array of product categories. The brand is a cultural icon, with nearly 100% name recognition and memories that reflects the atmosphere of endless highways through Australia.
The Roadsign Australia’s Company is the result of a non common story that took place in the middle of the 80’s in Adelaide South Australia. To understand the purpose of this story, we have to step back in the beginning of the 70’s, when a journey to Australia was considered as “a journey as to the moon”.

Within this time few people could afford any travelling ticket to visit the “edge of the world”. For that reason, anyone that was visiting the country wanted to bring back home any exclusive souvenir to their relatives. Hence many tourists visiting Australia were stealing those iron yellow road signs on the side of the roads, which could only been found in this part of the world. So this ROADSIGN has become an icon and is recognised through the entire world. The motivating philosophy of The Great Australian Roadsign Company is to share the Australian experience and dream.


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